There are many ways to improve the quality of one’s life. This is mine

Before I started Fired Up! Entertainment, held a microphone or DJ’d a party, I had a passion for Martial Arts. I’ve always been an individual when it came to my interests. I never connected with group activities, baseball and soccer as a child was fun, but I lost interest rather quickly. I found excitement in challenges the tested my personal ability, without being accountable to anyone else. I would find an ultimate challenge through Martial arts.

I’d tell you that I’ve studied a wide variety of Martial Arts, but I haven’t. A five-month stint with a hard style of Karate called GO-JU, followed by a brief encounter with Wing-Chung Kung Fu were my early credentials. I was actually kind of a loner child that ended up associating with a group that let’s just say, “didn’t have the safety of others in mind” when we were out and about. The only productive thing that really came from that period of my life was meeting the individual who introduced me the art of Ninjutsu. Yes, Ninja.

Through this childhood friend, I’d met one of the most powerful personalities that, from the moment I shook his hand on field of dirt in Vero Beach, FL, altered the course of my life. Mark Sentoshi Russo has been my mentor, martial teacher and most importantly, my friend for over twenty years. My skill as an entertainer and businessman has been enhanced by his guidance in my study of this martial art, because Ninjustu (its modern form is known To-Shin-Do) forces you to look at yourself.

For over twenty years I’ve travelled back and forth from Orlando to Tampa 2-3 times a week to learn, explore and share my experiences with the intriguing students who are enrolled with Tampa Quest Martial Arts. There isn’t one aspect of my skills as an event producer, Emcee or DJ that’s not rooted with the principles of this martial art and the vast lessons of life I’ve learned with my teacher.

Follow me through this web site as I share my experiences and helpful lessons thru blogs and vlogs. Being an entertainer is very gratifying and has proven to be useful tool to live a comfortable, happy way of life. Ultimately my long-term goal is to create a place for Central Floridians to improve their quality of life through a platform of martial training. I invite you to join me on this journey…