I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with the NBA’s Orlando Magic for over 10 years

My background as an entertainer began with a passion for freestyle club dancing and hip hop music. I would sit in front of the television, copying the dance moves of Kid n’ Play, Salt n’ Peppa, MC Hammer and my favorite, Scoob & Scrap Lover (Big Daddy Kanes’ dancer’s). My friends and I would hit the clubs (that we could get in to) and I would hone my skills. Fast fwd to the late 90’s and my talents paid off, literally, as I became part of the WNBA’s Orlando Miracle interactive co-ed dance team. What does have to do with being an Emcee?

Good question…

During this time, I answered a challenge laid down by a friend to audition for an acting role at Universal Studios Florida. I auditioned, got the job, and started my ‘acting career’. This path led me to be part of the improv interactive team “The Bad Boys of CityWalk”. It was with the “Bad Boys” that I developed the skills to think fast on my feet with wit, and control large audiences. (like turning a crowd of 2 into a crowd of 400 with a nothing but a milk crate I found backstage!)

As fate would have it, the opportunity came for me to display my interactive skills when a scheduled post-game concert act was delayed. With 10,000 in attendance, I was supposed to “stall” until they arrived. 45 minutes later, I was still on court entertaining what could of been a very frustrated crowd… The Orlando Magic took notice… and I’ve been their ‘Entertainment Jockey’ Ever since!