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Charity Events « I'm ScottyB

There is no greater feeling than being of service to a great and meaningful cause

I’ve had the opportunity to host sports events, conventions, concerts and TV warm-ups, fashion shows and a multitude of private parties. What’s the most gratifying? Philanthropic initiatives. I believe we all have a unique talent or skill that if used correctly, can generate a happy lifestyle. Why not use it to improve the quality of life for others? The goal of any event with a charitable effort is to educate an audience on the initiatives of the cause, balancing its seriousness nature, with a light-hearted entertaining environment (All while generating funds for benefactors). It’s a delicate balance.

I’ve hosted and entertained audiences’ of charity events for Universal Studio’s Florida, The Orlando Magic, United Way, Runway for Hope, New Hope for Kids, Bridges of Light, The American Cancer Society, The Susan G. Koman Foundation, Pace Center for Girls and many more. I’ve met some amazing individuals, with incredible stories of courage and survival. I look forward meeting many more at your event…