As a DJ who plays an open format (Dance, top 40 remix, house, electro, hip-hop, R&B etc.) it’s
been interesting to see how I can push the envelop and explore different ways to express myself

In the corporate world, event planners are always looking for “the next big thing”. My good
friends at TSkorman Productions in Orlando, FL approached me about heading up an ensemble
of musicians lead by a DJ (yours truly) that could open a corporate event with a high-energy
performance. Once we started putting together material we realized how truly versatile this
group really was, and could be.

In a short period of performance time, Project: DJ Slam covered multiple genres of music, high-
lighting my DJ mix with a live percussionist (at times two), guitarist, violinist, sax player and
vocalists, even beat-boxers!!! That’s right! We didn’t invent the concept of a DJ with a drummer,
but damn if we didn’t take it, twist it, push it, pull it and mold it into a unique, live entity. We’ve
played as back-up bands, transitional acts, and headliners for private and corporate events. The
beauty of our act is its versatility, which makes us unique for the needs and ideas of creative
event planners, looking to customize a show to their clients needs.

While the corporate events arena is expanding, I’ve set my sights on promoting Project: DJ Slam
into the nightlife scene. We’ve had a blast performing for nightclubs. It’s a totally different animal
entertaining in that environment and the club goers eat it up. Taking a DJ set and transforming it
into a live remixed band set…Are you kidding me!?! PDJS has something for everyone and really
allows us to push the envelop from a normal night out, to a memorable experience!

Moving forward, the goal is to take PDJS and test the waters of concert openers and the strip in
Las Vegas. This show is so dynamic and energetic I see nothing but positive momentum in its
future. I’m proud to be part of it!