Let me tell you friends, luck is nothing but timing and preparedness coming together. When you’re ready for that opportunity, it will present itself. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some very exciting opportunities come my way. With so many different avenues a performer can explore, I’ve had my hands in just about everything. Its great to be in front of 18,000 people, getting them excited for an event, or a nightclub with 500 people, guiding them through the evening. But just as satisfying, is entertaining a smaller, focused group of people who are at a venue to support a common goal or achievement.

Private Events are, in my opinion, a perfect opportunity to see what’s going on not only in your community, but also across the globe. It’s an intimate affair, generally with the who’s who of that industry. Sometimes it’s the grand opening of a commercial venue, or the celebration of a corporate achievement. Mix that in with a great charity to support…Bonus! When I returned to the realm of entertaining from my military service, one of the first gigs I did was a United Way charity event for Universal Studios Orlando. Being the DJ of that event opened up a pathway to communicate with people that normally I’d probably be unaware of. Prominent people of the community that utilized their influence to help others in need. My kind of crowd.

My favorite comment of appreciation to date…”Did we just turn the PUMA center at the PGA Show into a nightclub?” Yes Bob, we did…

Being involved in those events, along with my own sense of direction, allowed me to really focus on the type of entertainer I wanted to be and how I’d share those gifts with the world. I’ve found my niche and am honored that people appreciate it. There is no event too big or small I won’t do if it’s serving a greater cause and allows our community to grow and brings together industrial, like-minded people.