Two Turntables and a Micro-phone

My first record was “KISS-Rock n’Roll Over”. I was hooked, a die-hard rock fan. Def Leppard, Billy
Idol, Quiet Riot, Metallica, Queen filled my ears and I loved every bit of it. It was actually the only
music I thought existed at that young an age. It wasn’t until my family moved to Florida that I
was exposed to the world of Hip Hop and R&B Sugar Hill Gangs’ “Rappers Delight” The game changer! I heard
these sounds and was like, “What the hell is this? It’s blowing my mind! More-More-More!” I’d sit
in front of my dual tape player boom box for hours, finger at the ready on record, getting it all.

When I started attending house parties and saw the DJ manipulate and mix these new found
sounds, I found what would soon be a very strong passion. I wanted to be a DJ. My first
turntables were one Sony with no pitch control, and another whose brand I can’t even remember
with a turn knob to control pitch! LoL! My mixer was from Radio Shack…hey, it worked! I’d
detach the speakers from that dual tape player boom box, and there you go, the poor man’s DJ

Any spot I could get in, I would. House and school parties were the start. People I knew that
supported what I do. Then I got my shot a local adult club that started hosting summer teen
nights. What began as me rockin’ the dance floor, turned into me on the turntables…real
turntables! (oh yeah! Technic 1200’s baby, my hands were in heaven). Something was missing
though, something I felt set me apart from the people I looked up to and wanted to be like.
Communication with the crowd…enter…the microphone! I was seeing so many people enjoying
the music I was playing, I naturally wanted to be out there on the floor with them, so I began
talking to them, connecting with them. It became a trademark of mine. One that is still with me to
this day.

As I began making my way up the ladder in the DJ community, life threw an un-expected curve-
ball and I found myself enlisting in the armed forces. Everything changed, everything went away.
It was a hard decision to make, but I’m glad I did it. Truth be told, I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t
understand the business aspect of it all and how cut-throat it can be. I was just going through the
paces and enjoying the attention. I needed to mature as an individual, become educated in how
the world works (and then how to make it work in my favor), learn the value of not being just a
good DJ, but a great entertainer and even more important- a good man. The military made me
miss it, appreciate it, and want it even more.

Years later, when I left the service, it all came back around…but in a different way. I’d matured,
I was more educated and driven to get exactly what I wanted. I was beyond looking at this
(entertaining) as a cool, popular hobby. I was determined to make a good living at it…
So I did. And here we are…

Enjoy this page, check out some pics, follow me, friend me, most
importantly, come party with me! You deserve it…